About Us

Business Point is an Executive’s office community, providing well designed workspaces for small and big businesses. Established in 1993, by Ar. Paresh Doshi, Business Point has since over 2 decades, had a successful relationship with over 1000 users and has always worked towards enhancing the user experience and their comfort levels of working.

Located in Narayan Peth, which is in the central part of Pune, it has easy access by public and private transport and is 5 minutes walking distance from the Deccan Bus station, and 2 km from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

Ranging between approximate areas of 75 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft., the offices are cleverly designed to accommodate your needs. Minimalistic, yet efficient furniture makes your workplace an amazingly clean affair. Hence our bunch of plug and play offices make up for an ideal solution if you need to get started with business straight away.

At Business Point, we understand the sensitivity of the business we are in and try our best to add value towards the ultimate objective of providing a user, a healthy and comfortable workplace.